Enabling a Smarter and Greener Grid™

The Line Ranger network from SmartKable Powerline Solutions, through a patented capability, is the first to measure line voltage, current and related parameters right on the line in real time. This opens up many valuable use cases. For distribution and transmission, it can identify, track and trace losses in substations and feeders, separate commercial from technical losses, enable dynamic line rating and predict the remaining lifetime of powerlines. For renewables such as wind and solar, it can enable phase, load and frequency balancing to lower the cost of the power, extend equipment lifetime and ensure power quality. In fire-prone areas, it can assist in the prevention and mitigation of powerline ignition events.

Make green energy more efficient
and reliable.
Identify, track
and trace losses
in real-time.
Predict remaining lifetimes of
power lines.
Wildfire Mitigation predicts and monitors risk in real-time.

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