Line Ranger

The Line Ranger sensor is a proprietary device developed by SmartKable Powerline solutions to address the increasing demand for accurate and real-time data in the utility industry. Each sensor is built from low-cost components, installs easily with a hotstick, power harvest for continuous operation, and communicate through a wireless network. The Line Ranger creates a competitive advantage through lower hardware and installation costs, provide higher accuracy and more robust measurement capabilities than competitive sensor technologies, and can be used for a wide array of applications. Transmission and distribution line assessment, substation monitoring, and renewable energy integration can all be achieved with a single sensor at an affordable cost.

Line Analyzer

The Line Analyzer software collects, analyzes, and reports real-time data provided by the Line Ranger sensors installed throughout the grid or interconnects. Custom parameters can be created to allow warning and fault indicators for all data points. These indicators are provided on a map and history menu for easy identification, sensor location, and reporting. The Line Analyzer software can be customized for different use case applications and sold as a software as a service monthly subscription. Data collection and analysis is the backbone of the SmartKable Network. The easy to use interface, historical charting, and custom configuration options provides a smarter and more affordable solution for utility operators, independent power producers, and renewable power integration.



Our Team

Doug Hirsh
Founder and CEO

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Jon Parry
Director of Operations