Make green energy more efficient and reliable.

Intermittent renewable power sources create natural load and phase imbalances. This results in a degradation of efficiency, equipment life, and power quality. SmartKable provides the real-time data required to monitor, reduce, and help eliminate these inefficiencies when integrating renewable energy into the grid.

Identify, track and trace losses in real-time.

The SmartKable network can monitor powerline losses and line health assessment in real-time. The Line Ranger sensor can be deployed throughout the grid and communicate line status and performance through a wireless network. The data can be used to identify technical and commercial losses that result in power and financial losses.

Predict the remaining lifetimes of power lines.

The Line Analyzer software utilizes real-time and accurate data from the Line Ranger sensors continuously.
Algorithms allow the software to predict the remaining lifetime of powerlines. This data allows utility operators to prioritize infrastructures investments, lower operations and maintenance costs, and increase overall efficiency.

Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfires are becoming increasingly pervasive and destructive. There is urgency to find a solution that can accurately and proactively predict and monitor risk in real-time, enabling actions to reduce ignition, spread and destruction. The patented Line Ranger Network is the first to be able to monitor key powerline parameters in real-time. Its unique capabilities can be used to predict and enable immediate action to address the potential of electrical fires related to power lines. This can help in multiple ways. The line ranger can directly sense parameters that represent increasing fire risk including higher wind speed, higher ambient temperature, lower relative humid, abnormal current loading and shorts, and weaker interconnects. All of the conditions can be measure by the line ranger network in real time.